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Where can I get sheet music / guitar tab for Seth Lakeman’s songs?

Songbooks for both the Freedom Fields and Poor Man’s Heaven albums are available. These give lyrics, melody lines and guitar tab/chords for all tracks on the albums. Chords/tab are slightly simplified in places against how the tracks are actually performed.

Freedom Fields Songbook (Guitar Tab) Poor Man’s Heaven Songbook (Guitar Tab)

Unfortunately if you are after fiddle/violin parts there is no sheet music available for any of the tracks. If you’re brave enough to try having a stab at Kitty Jay or Scrumpy’s Set you are stuck with the old fashioned folk concept of learning by ear. Top tip from fiddle-playing fans is to use software to slow down the tune without changing the pitch, which will give you a better chance of hearing what exactly is being played.

How old/tall/short is Seth Lakeman?

To the best of our knowledge gleamed from interviews:

Born: 26 March 1977, Devon.

Height: 5’8" is what’s usually claimed in interviews. Some people think the reality needs an inch knocking off that.

Weight: 11st

Brothers/sisters? two older brothers, Sean (plays guitar in the band, and produces of all Seth’s solo albums. Married to ex-Equation member Kathryn Roberts) and Sam (married to ex-Equation member Cara Dillon).

Hair: black

Eyes: blue

What kind of guitar does Seth Lakeman play ?

Seth plays the tenor guitar, which has four strings and a smaller body than a standard 6-string acoustic guitar. Seth mostly uses a GDGD tuning.

Seth owns several tenor guitars. The guitar Seth mostly plays on stage is a vintage 1950s Martin tenor guitar. Many of the tracks on Poor Man’s Heaven were recorded using a tenor guitar made specially for Seth by west-country guitar maker Stuart Ketchin ». Seth talks more about tunings and guitars in his interview for Acoustic Magazine from July 2008.(available online)


What’s the story behind XXXXX song?

The Legendary Dartmoor site has lots of information on many of the tales featured on Seth’s albums, and the Wikipedia entries for the various albums often link to more information on particular tracks.

If you’re visiting or live on Dartmoor ‘Walking the Stories and Legends of Dartmoor’ by Michael Bennie includes walks which take in locations relevant to several songs, including The Last Journey of Kitty Jay, Childe the Hunter, and Bowerman’s Fate (which is pretty similar to the White Hare)
More info at

What’s Western Approaches. Where can I get a copy?

Western Approaches is a collaboration album, recorded in 2004, between Seth and fellow west-country folk musicians Steve Knightley (Show of Hands) and Jenna Witts.

Following Seth’s signing to Relentless in 2006 the album was removed from sale. Copies occasionally come up through ebay, Amazon and specialist dealers. If you’re really lucky you may find a bargain by scouring charity shops and records sales.

More: Western Approaches available as digital download. July 10, 2008»

What’s The Mire / What are Mirelings?

The Mire is the name given to the Seth Lakeman Forum. Mirelings are therefore Seth Lakeman fans who are members of the forum.

Anyone can join The Mire and new members are warmly welcomed. You will need to wait to have your account activated, as the forum is plagued by spam registrations. This can take several weeks. If you have been waiting more than 3 weeks for activation, see this post for details or send an email to leveller666 at a address giving the username and email address you signed up with, and you should get sorted out.

Mirelings-in-Waiting often hang out on the Seth Lakeman Facebook page, where other Mirelings provide them with a regular supply of Boasters and Seth news.