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A glimpse inside the barrel house ‘recording studio’ – cleavers! hammers! big drums! – and a small musical taster too. Can’t be long now …

The New Album…

Seth talks to Spiral Earth about forthcoming sixth album Tales from the Bower Barrel House, which Seth has not only recorded himself but on which he also plays all the instruments. The album will be released this Autumn, all going well.

Behind-the-scenes “diary” of the shoot for the Hearts and Minds video. Seth and his small film-crew travelled across Dartmoor and up to Bath and Bristol playing ‘Hearts & Minds’ to unsuspecting members of the public, and dropping in on the odd folk club. You can read reports from the shoot from some of the fans who met them right here on this blog.

With backing music from a selection of tracks from the new album

Hearts and Minds on Spotify

Update 2: and… It’s back!

Update 1, 3 Jul: the album has been removed from Spotify in what I hazard was a “no one told them the release date had changed” cock-up.

The official release isn’t for another three weeks, but you can already listen to the ‘standard’ version of the album , plus digital bonus track ‘Fire & Dirt’, on music-streaming service Spotify.

Listen to Seth Lakeman, Hearts & Minds on Spotify

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If you don’t already have Spotify you can sign-up free at

New album release date & launch gigs

Hearts and Minds Release Postponed to 19 July

The release date for Hearts and Minds has been put back (again) to 19 July due to “unforeseen problems”.

Buy standard CD: Amazon | Play | HMV | iTunes
Deluxe CD+DVD: Amazon | Play | HMV

The album is also now available on iTunes with a special bonus track, Fire & Dirt.

Launch Gigs

I’ve delayed publishing this post to try to confirm what the new release date means for the various launch gigs scheduled in London, Manchester and Bristol. The good news is the London and Manchester gigs are going ahead as planned. The Bristol one is delayed until 20 July.

Tickets are not on sale for London or Manchester but are available to win by entering competitions from HMV and Q Magazine respectively.

London Jazz Cafe with HMV: Tue 29 June

Win Tickets: pre-order the album from HMV by 8am on Tues 22 June for a chance to win one of 150 tickets.

If you’re quick off the mark you can enter the competition without ordering the album from HMV:
“For free entry, send your name, address, email and telephone number handwritten on a plain piece of paper by pre-paid post to ‘Seth Lakeman Competition’, The Promotions Dept, HMV, Film House, 142 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8LN, to arrive before 21st June 2010. Only one plain paper entry per stamped envelope. ”

See for details.

Manchester Hard Rock Cafe with Q Magazine: Thu 8 July

Win Tickets: enter the free prize draw on the Q Magazine website by Midnight on 27 June for a chance to win a ticket. Enter at

Bristol instore with Rise: Tue 20 July

An instore performance and signing at the Rise record store in Bristol has been rescheduled from the original date of 30 June. There’s not much point doing an instore signing if there’s nothing for to sign.

Tickets: you must have a wristband/ticket to attend the signing. You can get one wristband for each copy of the album you pre-order – in person – from the Rise stores in either Bristol or Cheltenham. Details on the Rise website:

Hearts and Minds Album Tracklisting

Standard CD

1. Hearts And Minds
2. The Watchman
3. Tiny World
4. Spinning Days
5. See Them Dance
6. Stepping Over You
7. Changes
8. Tender Traveller
9. Hard Working Man
10. Preacher’s Ghost
11. The Circle Grows

Order CD: Amazon | Play | HMV

Deluxe Edition

Two bonus tracks on the CD, plus a re-release of the 2009 DVD Live at the Minack with a bonus track of ‘The Circle Grows’.

Disc 1 (CD)

1. Hearts And Minds
2. Watchman, The
3. Tiny World
4. Spinning Days
5. See Them Dance
6. Stepping Over You
7. Changes
8. Tender Traveller
9. Hard Working Man
10. Preacher’s Ghost
11. Circle Grows, The
12. Ghost Of You
13. High St Rose

Disc 2 (DVD)

This appears to be Live at the Minack:

1. Storm, The
2. Hurlers, The
3. King And Country
4. Blood Red Sky
5. Solomon Browne
6. Riflemen Of War
7. Lady Of The Sea
8. Greed And Gold
9. Hearts And Minds
10. How Much
11. Take No Rogues
12. Colliers, The
13. Blood Upon Copper
14. Poor Man’s Heaven
15. Kitty Jay
16. Ye Mariners All
17. Send Yourself Away
18. Setting Of Sun, The
19. Race To Be King
20. Behind The Scenes Featurette
21. Circle Grows, The

Order Deluxe CD+DVD: Amazon | Play | HMV

Bonus Track: Signed & Sealed

Amazon have a bonus track, ‘Signed and Sealed‘, available as an MP3 download. It’s free if you pre-order either version of the album from them at the same time. See this post » for details.

Buy Signed and Sealed on Amazon You can now get a free bonus track, Signed and Sealed, when you pre-order Hearts & Minds from Amazon. Signed and Sealed will, we are reliably informed, NOT be on the final album tracklisting so this is a great chance to grab this bonus track for free.

To get the track, simply pre-order either the standard CD or deluxe CD+DVD of Hearts & Minds from Amazon, and add the MP3 of Signed and Sealed to your shopping cart at the same time. The cost of the MP3 will be taken off when you pay.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the album from Amazon you’ll need to cancel your previous order and then place a new one to get the free track. If you can’t be bothered or prefer not to order from Amazon you can still buy the MP3 of ‘Signed and Sealed’ for the standard price of 89p.

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New Album Airplay

Internet radio station Folk Radio UK have got their hands on a promo copy of the new album and are playing tracks from it every hour from now (Thursday) until Saturday on their Roots channel.

Find out how to listen online or via your media player at

New Single on Mike Harding

The forthcoming single, Hearts and Minds, kicked off the weekly Mike Harding Folk & Acoustic show last night.

You can listen again on iPlayer until next Wednesday 19 May at

It’s well worth listening to the whole show for other new tracks from The Demon Barbers, Ewan Robertson (Breabach) and folk/hiphop mashers PBS6, as well as folk classics from Jez Lowe, Paul Brady and an interview with Kathryn Tickell.

Other radio plays

Follow the unofficial Twitter feed at to keep up with other radio plays as they happen.

Update 15 June 2010: The album release has been postponed again and will now be available on 19 July.

Hearts and Minds album artworkYou may already have seen the announcements on Facebook, Twitter and the official website that new album, Hearts and Minds is officially set for release on 14 28 June 19 July 2010.

The album will be available in two flavours: a standard single CD, and a Deluxe edition of a CD with DVD extra. No details yet of a track listing or contents for either. There were suggestions in an interview that Live at the Minack would be re-released to coincide with the new album, so it’s possible the DVD may simply be that re-released.


Standard edition CD:
Amazon | Play | HMV

Deluxe edition CD + DVD:
Amazon | Play | HMV

Free Track to Download

A free track, Hard Working Man, is available to download at You have to connect with your Facebook or Twitter account, which will post an automated and, frankly, rather spammy-sounding message to your friends or followers. You’ll then be able to download the track.

Lots of reports that the process is very prone to glitches, but most people have been able to access the download if they are prepared to give it a few tries.

First Single: Hearts & Minds

Contrary to early reports that the first single would be a previously unheard track called Tiny World, the first single will now be album title track and live favourite ‘Hearts and Minds’.

The single is officially released the week before the album, but is already starting to get some early airplay, most recently on BBC Devon yesterday morning. You can listen again on iPlayer until 6am on Thursday 13 May. The single is played around the 20min mark, with a short interview with Seth at about 1h 53m in.

Hearts and Minds on BBC Devon iPlayer