Seth Lakeman gave two interviews in local Welsh press to promote the recent tour, which stopped off in Cardiff on Sat 23 May. They’re both up on WalesOnline.

On the benefits on being with a major label:

“when it comes down to it, you still can’t beat that massive marketing push major labels are able to provide so that’s what we did in signing for Relentless.

To be honest, the label didn’t do as much promotion for [Poor Man’s Heaven] as it has for others, but to get the album in the pop charts was quite cool.

I think the amazing thing for us was that it showed us how many dedicated followers and fans we have.”


“I have already written my next album; I’ve got 20 or so songs to chose from, and I will be playing a lot of those [on the tour]”

… He promises his next record “pushes the rock envelope even further”…

“I can see myself making all kinds of records in the future, dance, rock, whatever. I am very ambitious.”

And, in what I realise for some will be the most important part of the interview, it is confirmed that yes, Seth Lakeman does have a “very lovely” girlfriend.

Full Interviews:

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