A couple of interviews in local West Country press ahead of Seth’s UK tour, which kicks off tomorrow.

North Devon Journal, Thu 14 May 2009

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The North Devon Journal interviewed Seth ahead of his gig at Barnstaple’s Queen’s Hall on Thu 18 May.

Seth has been holed-up at home on Dartmoor over the winter writing new material:

"I prefer to write here. I find it quite difficult to be anywhere else. I like to go out and explore while I’m doing it to try and feed off the wilds."

If you made it to any of the March club dates you’ll have already been privileged to hear the results of these wild winter rambles. But if you didn’t, never fear. Seth promises those attending the forthcoming tour gigs won’t miss out:

"We are going to play loads and loads of new songs," he reveals. "You will hear the music from our other three records but we’ve got some exciting new stuff."

"I love performing. It’s my favourite part of music. It’s great fun to get a reaction from the crowd and I hope that they go away with a different perception of how acoustic music can be played. That is quite unique in what we do."

On a more light-hearted note, he reminisces about the ghost he once shared a house with (who, according to other interviews, also used to randomly turn on the gas):

"She was a nice ghost . … She used to send us out every night to the pub … We couldn’t help it. We had to go. She locked the door behind us."

Yeah. Right.

Lots more in the full interview: Seth Lakeman tells Rosanna Rothery why he believes in ghosts », North Devon Journal/thisisnorthdevon.co.uk , Thu 14 May 2009

ThisIsCornwall, Wed 13 May 2009

Minack Theatre by Mat Strange.
Minack Theatre, Cornwall © Mat Strange

A much shorter piece, whose main interest is that it confirms plans to film the gig at Cornwall’s dramatic open-air Minack Theatre next Tues for a live DVD release.

"It really is such an amazing venue," said Seth, … "We are one of the first to play and record there – it is a real privilege and we are all pretty excited about it – let’s just hope we get some good weather."

Full story: Seth Lakeman returns ‘home’ for Minack gig », ThisIsCornwall.co.uk, Wed 13 May 2009.