Updated 12 May with extra photos from Philip Ryalls and Jeremy LLewellyn-Jones.

“it was pretty stadium. I wanted to crowd surf but I thought the girls at the front wouldn’t catch me” Jim Moray

The long-awaited round-up of press coverage, photos and video from last weekend’s gig on Trafalgar Square is here. A bit light on the former, but plenty of the latter for you.

Photo © Helen Fenner

Press Coverage

The gig didn’t get much press, but there were short write-ups in The London Paper (including a few photos), various bits in The Guardian and over on The Telegraph Emma Hartley interviewed Damian Barber from the Demon Barbers.

Photos & Video

Photo © Garry Knight
  Photo © Caroline Voaden

The fans unsurprisingly came through where the mainsteam media feared to tread. Lots of photos with some great shots from Caroline Voaden (flickr), Karen Armstrong (flickr), High Eight (flickr), and Helen Fenner (photobucket).

Plus these late-breaking extras from Philip Ryalls and Jeremy LLewellyn-Jones – a couple of the professional photographers who were in attendance.

There was also some surprisingly good-quality video shot from the crowd:

Full highlights, with Seth performing Blood Upon Copper
(and Sean rocking out in his fabulous red shoes)

Seth Lakeman: Kitty Jay and Poor Man’s Heaven

More video

More slightly-more-iffy video of Solomon Browne, King and Country, and Riflemen of War