Seth pops up briefly in this Mary Anne Hobbs documentary for Radio 1.

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The Lake of Stars Festival brings together UK and European acts with Afrobeat, gospel and tradtional African music on the tropical shores of Lake Malawi. The Radio 1 documentary web page includes links to listen online and a 2 min video so you can really get an idea what this unique festival is like. You can also download the entire programme as an MP3 file. See the links at the end.

Seth is on around the 40min and 57min mark. Also, in photos 5 and 19 on the Radio 1 web page and in a few more photos on the official festival blog.

Worth a listen if you are interested in learning more about the festival and hearing lots of different music and artists, otherwise, honestly?, "obSethive completist" territory.

ps. Thanks for Clarros for the heads-up.

Mary Anne Hobbs at Malawi’s Lake Of Stars festival, BBC Radio 1
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