Seth does his ‘The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year’ thing for Mojo magazine. The short version:


  • Cherryholmes (Cambridge Folk Festival)
    "I was completely blown away …this family band doing bluegrass and all sorts and every one of them singing so well. I thought I’d discovered them. I ran back to the guys and said we must get them on tour supporting us! It wasn’t until afterwards that I found out they were already huge in the States and had won about four Grammies, so it would have been more a question of us supporting them!
  • Steve Earle (Big Session, Leicester)
  • Kaiser Chiefs (Rock for People, Prague)
  • Oysterband (Beautiful Days, Devon)
    "I’ve seen them loads of times before but this was just one of those occasions when everything worked right. I love their latest album Meet You There anyway and that gig was very special."


  • Levon Helm Dirt Farmer
    "you can tell it’s set around a live atmosphere … there’s such a great emphasis on rhythm, which appeals to me "
  • Benji Kirkpatrick‘s fantastic, inexplicably under-rated, more explicably under-publicised Boomerang
    (on which, completists will want to know, Seth does fiddle duty for a couple of tracks)

Full interview: ‘Seth Lakeman: The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year’, Mojo magazine, 25 Nov 2008 »