Oh yes. Almost a year since the last disastrous attempt at such a thing, a one-to-one (actually, surely one-to-many?) webchat with Seth Lakeman is promised for tomorrow evening – Wed 24 Sep – at 6pm.

There will be a link posted on the official website – www.sethlakeman.co.uk – when it’s good to go. Let’s hope it survives the stampede this time.

According to the same email bulletin:

Seth will be taking part in a very special event tomorrow with the RNLI in London. We can’t tell you much more than this at the moment, but we’re sure Seth will tell you all about it on the webchat, and some news will be posted on the website tomorrow.

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Update Wed 24 Sep @ 7.20pm

Well, that’s it folks. Another year, another failed Seth Lakeman Web Chat.

from the Official Website

24.09.2008 Seth Webchat
Unfortunately due to the high volume of questions tonight the webchat crashed. Our sincere apologies for this technical issue, we tried to resolve this but could not get it fixed in time. Seth would like to send his thanks to everyone that joined in.

We can assure you that the webchat will be rearranged as soon as possible and that all will run smoothly next time.

20.09.2007 webchat problems
We apologise for the problems currently being experienced on the webchat site. We are trying to sort it all out so you can all chat easily.

We’ll definitely be holding another soon to make up for today’s problems.

Obviously, as the inevitable stampede brought the web chat predictably to its knees no one had an opportunity to ask about the ‘special RNLI event‘ mysteriously referred to in yesterday’s email, so no news on that front either. Sorry.

Update 26 Sep: All is revealed about the RNLI event »