A catch-up one this, from The Observer’s ‘playlists for the perfect summer‘ published back in August. Seth does ‘walking tunes’, while others cover beach, parties, road trips and family outings.

Seth’s selection of 10 tracks is:

From the Morning, Nick Drake
It’s a lovely song to wake up to, and lyrically very simple but special. It’s one that you’d put on your iPod for a walk in the countryside.

The Lakes of Pontchartrain, Paul Brady
It’s a great story of a guy remembering this girl he met on a distant shore in Ireland. A lot of traditional folk songs are good to walk to because there’s a story or a journey involved. Watch on YouTube.

Solsbury Hill
, Peter Gabriel
A good one if you’re trying to clamber up a hill. There’s one called Peak Hill that I live next to – I climb it if I’ve got a moment to get a breath of air and look at the world. This song gets you to the summit if you’re struggling.

Stupidly Happy, XTC
This reminds me of home. It’s a song I was listening to loads in the late Nineties, hanging out camping. You can turn it up loud and listen to it on the moors with a roaring fire.

Look at Granny Run Run, Ry Cooder
I find it quite funny – poppy and tongue-in-cheek. I remember my father playing this record on vinyl loads when we used to get back from our Sunday walks.

Falling Man, DBG
It’s quite a personal song to me and my brother because DBG is such a good friend of ours. It’s a beautiful, thoughtful song about climbing up a mountain and how you feel when you get up there.

Private Universe, Crowded House
I chose this because of the title, my own private universe. I get to travel around quite a lot but I think that makes you appreciate where you come from.

When You’re Falling, Afro Celt Sound System
Peter Gabriel guest sings on this one. I love the production and I love his voice. It’s a summery song, the sort to put on when you’re having a barbecue on the moors.

Daniella, John Butler Trio
This is a great, uplifting song. Its groove is addictive, which makes sense for walking.

Hounds of Love, Kate Bush
The way she sounds is so colourful. The sounds paint pictures and you can tie them together with what’s in front of you.

The Observer, Our Playlist for the Perfect Summer, 10 August 2008 »