After the style interviews and pints of beer, a “strictly here for the music” interview from back in the July issue of Guitarist magazine lovingly transcribed by Ruby on The Mire ».

On the Led Zep comparisons:

“I’ve rediscovered Led Zeppelin recently,” explains Seth. “The dark nature or our songs and the way they’re quite rough and ready is similar to Led Zeppelin 3. They’re incredible, so I’m careful not to compare ourselves, but in terms of a sound and of what’s being played; those dark chords are what we go for.”

On acquiring his 1952 Martin tenor guitar:

“It really inspired my writing. I have to use the capo a hell of a lot because the tuning I use is GDGD but sometimes I drop the G to a D. I had to kind of invent the chord progressions but it gives this great percussive sound. It makes the songs quite driven – unique.”

and let’s not forget brother Sean:

“He did a degree in jazz and a lot of that taught him all that sort of Django chord structure – gypsy jazz. He’s worked with great players so he’s got that driven rhythm sound where’s he all over the fret board, playing chords you can’t get your head around!”

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