Short interview in Metro today. Quick highlights:

What’s your flashest violin?
I’ve got six or seven decent vintage guitars and two or three violins. The most expensive is my great-great granny’s violin, which I play all the time. It’s the most special to me for sentimental reasons.

What sort of groupie does the folk scene attract?
Ones that buy you a strong ale and knit you cardigans ….

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve played the fiddle?
I’ve played the fiddle over graves, on a boat and in a studio being doused with water from a fire hose. I’ve played it lying on my back. I’ve done everything with the fiddle.

Have you got any special tricks for preserving your voice?
I stopped smoking seven months ago, which has really helped. I’m quite an intense singer, so after five gigs on the trot I do lose my voice. I stopped smoking cold turkey. I freaked out for a week but persevered with it. My tip is to replace smoking with drinking alcohol. That’s what I did.

Full interview: ’60 Seconds: Seth Lakeman’, Metro, 22 Aug 2008 »