‘It’s a Man’s World: The folk star on fashion and fitness’ appeared in the Mail on Sunday’s ‘Live’ magazine at the weekend, with Seth discussing his personal style and his favourite clothes and boy’s toys.

The short version:

Likes: using microwaves as clothes driers, getting the perfect black t-shirt from Gap, skinny jeans (on women), Martin guitars, and the RNLI.

Dislikes: industrial microwaves, no longer being able to get the perfect black t-shirt from Gap, tatoos, piercings and body waxing, skinny jeans (on men), green shell suits (good call – ed) and early mornings.

For those who are here for the music rather than tips on Seth’s preferred brand of anti-wrinkle cream, according to the footnote Solomon Browne will be released as a single on 15 29 September.

Full interview: ‘It’s a Man’s World: Seth Lakeman, The folk star on fashion and fitness’, Stephanie Smith, The Mail on Sunday, 17 Aug 2008 »

Thanks to CK1 there is also a scan of the original article on The Mire »