Jon Sevink of The Levellers talks about the recording of their new album Letters from the Underground:

How did recording with Sean Lakeman come about?
“I’ve known Sean for about three years and was always impressed with how he produced his brother’s (Seth Lakeman) albums. There were some thoughts about me producing our album, but I knew it was better for me to stick to playing and Sean has such a good sense of how to get a band playing to its strengths. We love him!”

Full interview: ‘Levellers: Free music downloading is the present’,, Mon 11 Aug 2008 »

Update with more Sean love from Leveller Mark:

Much of the energy of the sound on the album is down to the album’s producer, Sean Lakeman, whom Mark can’t praise highly enough. “This album simply wouldn’t have happened without Sean,” he says. “He is the secret behind Seth’s career and he was absolutely brilliant for us, as he just engendered total and utter enthusiasm.

“Having grown up with our music in his head, he knows our stuff inside out, and was able to filter out songs for the album, saying ‘that’s not Levellers, that’s rubbish, that’s good…’ “

The band met Sean through sharing stages with Seth, and Mark says they are “sort of interwoven now”.

“Seth’s probably folk’s biggest asset at the moment. He’s brought on folk massively.”