The local Cambridge paper, Cambridge News, have put together a Folk Festival Microsite » with lots of interviews and video clips, including one with Seth.

This will be Seth’s fourth appearance at Cambridge, and the interview discusses previous, pre-solo career, appearances. “He recalls suffering from nerves before playing on the main stage aged 17 alongside Cara Dillon in the much vaunted folk supergroup Equation.”

He also talks about recording Poor Man’s Heaven’s and its much delayed release:

“I actually finished it quite a while ago and I’ve been waiting patiently to release it,” he says. “I would have liked to have released it seven or eight months ago but there’s lots of strange shake ups that have been happening amongst the record labels.”

His previous albums have been recorded in his brother’s kitchen and that’s where the preproduction for the new album also happened.

“We had to branch out because we’ve got a drum kit now and we can’t stick that in the kitchen or we’ll get in trouble,” he says.

Full Interview:
Festival is a homecoming for Seth, Cambridge News, 29 July 2008 »

Update 19 Aug: The microsite is no longer available, but individual interviews are still up on the site