Seth appears in the latest issues of a whole bunch of magazines, including The Word, Songlines and Acoustic, if you fancy going and blowing a wodge of cash in W H Smith.

Songlines, Issue 54, Aug/Sep 2008

Seth is this month’s Cover Boy for Songlines magazine with a full interview inside.

A couple of brief extracts from the original interview are on also featured on the Songlines Podcast », starting around the 4 min mark.

The free CD includes a track from Jim Moray’s new album, Low Culture, and once you remove it from the mag you will find the artwork sports a charming close-up of Seth’s crotch. (I am but the messenger here, OK.)

Acoustic Magazine, Issue 23

Another cover-boy appearance on Acoustic Magazine which trails its interview thus:

"Maintaining a storyteller’s persona and exhibiting lively stage antics has earned Seth growing notoriety. He tells Graham Hazelwood more about dealing with this recognition, his sources of inspiration and some of his favoured tunings on the tenor guitar"

You can read the interview in full in the Acoustic Magazine ‘digital edition’ »

The Word Magazine, August 2008

Quotes (thanks to DTN):

"They were trying to get me to go down the James Blunt route at one point…. They asked me to write with big pop writers like Jimmy Hogarth (Blunt, Paolo Nutini, Duffy, Tunstall). It’s so far away from what I’m doing, but you can’t be negative to something unless you’ve a good reason to be. We wrote some great songs together actually, but they weren’t for me. I grew up as a fiddle player, and having a story behind each of the songs is really important."

Little wonder "a few battles" were fought over Poor Man’s Heaven. Indeed, when Relentless finally received the record – a great rhythmic beast that occasionally sounds like an all-acoustic Led Zeppelin, but at no point sounds like James Morrison – they asked: ‘Where are the singles?’ Lakeman laughs. "I said, ‘I’m not a singles artist, guys. Have another listen!’"

Delighted that EMI’s budget enabled him to use a studio that makes his music sound "sonically much bigger", he’s also acutely aware that the label’s mastery of the dark arts of "racking", plugging and it’s "amazing marketing" have given him a priceless opportunity to let his music travel.

Single issues are available for £5.50 from

HMV’s Choice Magazine, July/August 2008

You can pick this one up for free from HMV stores. A few quotes (thanks to Lau) to whet your appetite:

There are obviously influences in your music from outside folk’s boundaries. What type of music did you listen to growing up?
"My influences range from Gypsy Jazz to Judge Jules.
Recently though I got back into Irish fiddle player Martin Hayes."

What’s the last album you bought? Any good?
"I bought the new Coldplay record. It sounds amazing."

If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab your most treasured record, what would it be?
"I think it would be Paul Simon’s Graceland."