A short interview with Highland News in advance of Seth’s appearance at the Heb Celt festival in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, on Saturday discusses chart success, the influence of playing live on the new album, and the possibilities for making it big in the Carribean.

Chart success “not down to radio”

Poor Man’s Heaven‘s chart success “wasn’t expected”, he says, and is “definitely not down to that marketing machine, radio”. Largely shunned my mainstream playlists, although Crimson Dawn has popped up on Radio 2 a bit, he credits instead the hard work the band has put in over the last couple of years, playing an estimated 250 gigs a year according to other interviews.

“we’ve done so many gigs. And I think that’s why people have gone out to buy it, they’ve either seen us play or have been told about it.”

“The pressure’s on now for the next album! we will probably release a live recording first because we have never done that before.”

More tidbits in the full interview.

Full interview: ‘Charting top 10 is number one for Seth’, Margaret Chrystall, Highland News, 17 Jul 2008 »