“No. 8? I’m speechless… I’m just behind Amy Winehouse”

The Sun interviews Seth on Poor Man’s Heaven hitting the album charts, and gives the album 4½ out of 5 stars:

Sandwiched between two of the world’s best-selling pop divas — Rihanna and Amy Winehouse — is the West Country’s own Seth Lakeman.

It marks an incredible rise for a singer/fiddle player on a mission to bring folk music to the masses without compromising his style.

Were you aware of sounding a bit like Led Zep’s acoustic stuff?

“People have said it but we weren’t conscious of it in any way. I think it’s just the way I write as a musician and a songwriter. I’m rhythm-led and the inspirations come from traditional music as well as stuff like house music. ”

“I was slightly concerned about how people might react to it because it’s quite different from the last record. It was a brave move but I think it worked and the live audience is really enjoying it.”

What’s it like working with your brother Sean who produces and plays?

“You have a certain relationship about how things should sound. When it does work, it’s very exciting. You get a spark out of nowhere. It can also be a problem working with your brother! (laughs). We clash sometimes because we work so closely together. Not surprising, is it? It’s all for the greater good though.”

Full interview:“No. 8? I’m speechless… I’m just behind Amy Winehouse”, Simon Cosyns, The Sun, 11 July 2008 »