Seth’s 2004 collaboration with Steve Knightley and Jenna Witts has been quietly re-released by Hands on Music as a download from Tesco Digital.

This is a true collaboration, with each artist singing both their own and each other’s songs. Knightley sings ‘Ballad of Josie’ from Kitty Jay while Jenna takes Punch Bowl’s ‘Image of Love’. Seth returns the favour on Knightley’s ‘The Keeper’. The album also features the rare Seth track ‘Captain’s Court’, otherwise only available as a B-side to the ‘Lady of the Sea’ single release, and a rousing version of ‘Mariners’.

Folk/acoustic specialists Fish Records described the original CD release as “deceptively simple, the overall sound is rich thanks to some wonderful arrangements and excellent production. Highly recommended.” gives more background.

Not just for completists.

(With thanks to Clarros (via the longdogs) for the link, and other related generosities I won’t mention in case I get us both into trouble.)

Update: sorry, Western Approaches no longer seems to be available via Tesco Digital. If it reappears I’ll let you know.