Seth Lakeman performs at HMV Oxford Street

Seth has been a busy bunny, with a bunch of in-store performances and album signings starting in Plymouth on Monday, then heading for Bristol and the Capitol on Tuesday before rounding it all off in Cardiff tonight before hopping on a plane for the Rock for People festival in Prague.

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Fopp in Bristol, 1 July 2008

Write up of the in-store performance and album signing at Fopp in Bristol-

‘Seth Lakeman’s showdown in the city’, Spiral Earth, 2 July 2008 »

HMV London, 1 July 2008

(Fan footage of Solomon Browne performed live at HMV London, 1 July 2008)

The GetCloser website (registration required) has the full quality video filmed by the cameraman you can see in-shot above, plus a dedicated page for the signings where you can upload your own photos and reviews. Watch his stunning solo performances of Lady of the Sea, Solomon Browne and The Hurlers at HMV London and hear his answers to questions posed by the fans queuing to meet him. Some great stuff that’s well worth the minute it’ll take you to register.

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