Seth Lakeman, for Completists.

Albums & EPs

Live with the BBC Concert Orchestra – EP

2012. Honour Oak Records (self-release)
5 track EP of Seth’s unique performance with the BBC Concert Orchestra in Plymouth in March 2012.

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Tales from the Barrel House – Album

2011. Honour Oak Records (self-release)
After parting ways with record label Relentless/EMI Seth returned to self-recording and release with his 2011 album. The album was initially billed as a limited release on just 10,000 copies offered exclusively through independent folk/acoustic distributor ProperMusic. It sold out within weeks. In April 2012 the album was therefore re-issued as a general, unlimited release as a double-disc CD+DVD and download. A vinyl release finally followed in November 2012. For completists, the DVD contains interviews and music video ‘More Than Money’ while iTunes offers two exclusive bonus tracks: ‘Another Long Night’ and ‘Cooper’s Hands’.

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Hearts & Minds – Album

2010. EMI
Fifth studio album released 19 July 2010. Digital download includes bonus track ‘Fire & Dirt’. The ‘deluxe’ double-disc edition is basically the standard CD plus the DVD of Live at the Minack (see below) which includes an additional live track Circle Grows not found on the original DVD release.

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Seth Lakeman: Live at the Minack DVD

Live at the Minack DVD

2009. Relentless
Unique live gig recorded at Cornwall’s Minack Theatre in May 2009. Re-released with the deluxe edition of 2010 studio album Hearts & Minds.

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Solomon Browne – EP

2008. Relentless
Really a single release, but issued as an EP alongside four live tracks recorded at the 2008 Cambridge Folk Festival. Digital download only.

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Poor Man’s Heaven – Album

2008. Relentless
Bonus track, ‘Coppinger’, is only available from iTunes UK.

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Poor Man’s Heaven – EP

2007. Relentless
Shares a title track with the 2008 album of the same name, but otherwise features a different recording of ‘Race to be King’, unreleased track ‘Lillywhite Girl’, and live recording of ‘How Much’. The digital download also includes a live recording of title track Poor Man’s Heaven. The CD version and beautifully packaged Vinyl edition are sometimes available second-hand.

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Seth Lakeman: Live – EP

2007. Relentless
Digital-only 4-track EP of live recordings from 2006. King & Country, The Bold Knight, The White Hare and Kitty Jay.

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Freedom Fields – Album

2006. Relentless
Re-released after signing to Relentless/EMI. Two significantly remixed tracks: ‘Lady of the Sea’ and ‘The White Hare’ among other, subtler remastering. Additional track: a new recording of 2002’s ‘Send Yourself Away’

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Freedom Fields – Album

2006. iScream (self-release)
Would be re-released later the same year when Seth signed to Relentless. This original mix released in two versions with the card-sleeved double-CD edition featuring extra live recordings and video tour diary. Available second-hand via Amazon/Ebay etc… and at gigs

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Kitty Jay – Album

2004. iScream (self-release)
Recorded for just £300 in brother Sean’s kitchen, Kitty Jay catapulted Seth to public (and media) notice after being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

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The Punch Bowl – Album

2002. iScream (self-release)
Released while Seth was still touring with sister-in-law Cara Dillon and brother Sam.

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Western Approaches

Western Approaches by Seth Lakeman, Steve Knightley and Jenna Witts

2004. Hands on Music.
Deleted collaboration album, featuring all three artists. Copies sometimes available second-hand.

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Non-album tracks

  • Blowin’ in the Wind (2011)
    Cover of the famous Bob Dylan track from the BBC’s Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan: A Folk Tribute
    Listen/buy: Spotify

  • Captain’s Court (2004)
    Originally from Western Approaches. Re-released as a b-side to Lady of the Sea
    Listen/buy:We7 | Spotify | iTunes

  • Coppinger (2008)
    iTunes exclusive bonus track from the Poor Man’s Heaven album
    Listen/buy: iTunes

  • Find Your Way & Climate Change, with MD7 (2008)
    Unreleased collaborations from the 2008 BBC programme ‘Made in England
    Listen: MySpace (Find Your Way) | (Climate Change)

  • The Keeper (by Steve Knightley) (2004)
    from Western Approaches

  • Lillywhite Girl (2007)
    From the 2007 Poor Man’s Heaven E.P.
    Listen/buy: We7 | spotify | Amazon | iTunes | 7Digital

  • Nature’s Law (2008)
    Free download originally released to promote Poor Man’s Heaven on Amazon.
    Download: no longer available

  • Spencer the Rover (trad.), with Cara Dillon (2009)
    Duet from Cara’s acclaimed 2009 album, Hill of Thieves
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Live Recordings

Fans will tell you there’s nothing quite like Seth live. Apart from the Live at the Minack DVD, live tracks can be found scattered around various EPs and b-sides. Here’s the ones completists will want to track down. Because I love you I’ve also compiled them into a handy Seth Lakeman Live playlist on Spotify.

  • Hearts & Minds – Single

    Live version of ‘Hearts & Minds’ taken from the Live at the Minack DVD
    Listen/buy: spotify

  • Live from the Minack

    Recorded at Cornwall’s Minack Theatre in May 2009. 21 live tracks available on the 2-dics special edition of Hearts & Minds or as standalone DVD
    Listen/buy: Amazon

  • Solomon Browne – EP

    Four live tracks recorded at the 2008 Cambridge Folk Festival.
    Listen/buy: spotify | Amazon | iTunes

  • iTunes Festival: London 2008 – EP

    Live concert as part of iTunes Live Festival 2008. Exclusive to iTunes
    Listen/buy: iTunes

  • Poor Man’s Heaven – EP

    Live versions of ‘How Much’ and ‘Poor Man’s Heaven’
    Listen/buy: spotify | Amazon | iTunes

  • Seth Lakeman: Live – EP

    Four live tracks recorded in 2006
    Listen/buy: spotify | Amazon | iTunes

  • The White Hare – Single

    B-side includes ‘Kitty Jay’ live at Beautiful Days 2006 and infinitely superior solo version of ‘The White Hare’
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